Newell wireless triggers with intervalometer

Replace your traditional trigger hose with Newell’s wireless remote control. This is the perfect solution for astrophotography, macro photography, wildlife photography and self-portrait enthusiasts.

The device is characterized by high quality workmanship, intuitive operation and an extremely attractive price in relation to its enormous possibilities.

Main features of Newell MC-292 wireless remote control:
– wireless communication between transmitter and receiver
– radio range up to 100 m, 32 channels available
– two-level shutter release button (activates AF function when pressed halfway)
– possibility of delayed shutter release (self-timer) and Bulb function (very long exposure times)
– support continuous and single shot mode (CS / CL / CH)
– intervalometer (possibility of setting delay, exposure time, interval, number of frames, number of times the plan will be repeated)
– automatic recording of the last selected parameters
– easy-to-read LCD screen with backlight
– receiver equipped with a cold shoe adapter and 1/4″ tripod thread
– 4x AAA power supply (two batteries each for the transmitter and receiver)

Newell Thor UPS

Newell Thor UPS units will help protect your electronic equipment from the damage that a sudden power cut can cause in your home or workplace.

Thanks to Newell Thor’s state-of-the-art technology, any voltage drop or surge will be detected and you’ll have time to safely shut down your work while saving all your important files.

Choose a power supply that will effectively protect your computer, audio and video devices, as well as your network!

Newell Power Office WiFi power strip.

We’re pleased to announce a new product and category in our range. The Newell Power Office WiFi power strip will make almost any electronic device you plug into it more “smart”. The aesthetically pleasing white panel accommodates up to 8 different plugs. Take advantage of 4 independently controlled outlets and 4 USB ports and see how many areas of your daily life change together with the smart power strip.

With the free app for smartphones, you gain the ability to remotely control your lighting or heating, as well as charge your devices more conveniently. With Newell Power Office WiFi in seconds, you’ll solve the problem of switched-on devices that we’re often reminded of when we leave the house. Create scheduled activities, use the timer and save on your electricity bill. Find out that smart home is not only about expensive equipment, which must be thought about at the architectural design stage. Meet the extender that will give you a better comfort of living and increase the level of security in your four corners.

Main Product Features:

  • fast USB Smart Charging
  • 4 standard AC outlets
  • 4 USB ports
  • remote control of electronic devices
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi connectivity
  • Remote control for electronic devices
  • LEDs indicating socket activity
  • Red LEDs indicating socket activity
  • Surge protection
  • free mobile application (available for download in stores)
  • Collaboration of the application with voice assistants
  • possibility of scheduling work for individual outlets
  • timer function

Suggested retail price: 34,99 €/$

Read full product information here:
Newell Power Office WiFi power strip

Announcing Newell FDL-USB-C dual chargers.

The Newell FDL-USB-C is a battery charger that will save your photos and videos when you don’t have a traditional charging outlet nearby. Thanks to its unique design, the USB cable for connecting the device to the power source will be always with you! If necessary, you can also use the included additional USB-C power cable. The device can be easily connected to a powerbank, laptop or charger in your car, making it the perfect travel companion. The easy to read display will provide all the necessary information about the status of batteries, and two charging channels will facilitate convenient preparation for work with your camera.

USB cable always at hand
With the Newell FDL-USB-C series chargers you always have the cable for connecting to a power source with you. The cable is an integral part of the device. Thanks to its ergonomic design, you don’t have to worry about it getting tangled or causing unnecessary chaos in your photography essentials. Profiled recesses in the housing allow you to roll up the cable in a second, every time you do not need it!

Compact dimensions
Photography equipment can take up a lot of space. When packing for a shoot or a trip, every spare inch of your bag or backpack often counts. Fortunately, the Newell FDL-USB-C charger takes up almost as much space as two  batteries and can charge them simultaneously! Thanks to its compact size, you can take it anywhere without worrying that your photography plans will be thwarted by dead batteries!

Available models
EN-EL14, EN-EL15, LP-E12, LP-E17, LP-E6, NP-BX1, NP-FW50, NP-FW100, NP-W126, NP-W235

Suggested retail price: 17,49 €/$

Read full product information here:
Newell FDL-USB-C dual charger

Newell VLB-220W TESLA V-Mount Battery

We’re announcing the Newell VLB-220W TES V-Mount provides high quality, safety and advanced technology, all at an attractive price. The V-Mount (V-Lock) battery pack fits many different types of lighting.

Newell batteries are made using the best quality cells from a leading electric car manufacturer TESLA. The cells used have a maximum discharge current of 30 A. The capacity quoted in milliamps is real and ensures a long operating time.

Multiple applications
The Newell VLB-220W TES battery pack is additionally equipped with USB, D-tap and DC ports. This allows you to use the stored power for many applications.

Suggested retail price: 209,99 €/$

Read full product information here:
Newell VLB-220W TESLA V-Mount Battery
Newell VLB-290W TESLA V-Mount Battery


Newell Grip for Canon EOS R is finally here.

We’re more then happy to announce a grip for Canon EOS R. The Newell BG-E22 is a rugged, full-featured battery grip. It provides a better grip on the camera, improves comfort when shooting upright, and extends battery life without replacing camera batteries.

Additional power source
The Grip has two primary functions. One is to extend the life of your camera by providing an additional power source. An additional LP-E6/N/NH battery pack can be placed in the battery pack. This solution allows for more intensive and longer work without fear of losing power in the least expected moment.

Improved ergonomics
Another important function of the grip is to improve comfort while shooting both vertically and horizontally. Specially designed shape and finish of durable and pleasant to the touch rubber material provides a comfortable and secure grip, so the camera lies perfectly in your hand.

Enhanced functionality
The Grip provides quick access to basic camera functions with a series of ergonomically placed buttons and dials. The grip is equipped with:
– grip on/off switch
– two-stage shutter release – a light press on the button allows you to set the focus, pressing it all the way releases the shutter, just like the button on the camera itself
– Function buttons and dials
– PC socket for a wired studio flash
– 1/4″ tripod thread – allows to use a tripod without removing the grip from the camera
– USB-C socket for battery charging
– LED system allowing to check the battery charging status

Read full product information here: Newell BG-E22 Battery Pack for Canon EOS R

Announcing Newell RGB-W Rangha LED Lamp

Newell RGB-W Rangha LED lamp is an indispensable device in the bag of every filmmaker and photographer. High power in an incredibly compact housing makes you use it to illuminate the film set, product, street or macro photography. Its biggest advantage is the full range of RBG and white diodes with the possibility of smooth change of saturation and power. The list of specifications is closed by a built-in polymer battery and 21 thematic programs.

Robust construction
The RGB Rangha is a size similar to a smartphone, so you can probably fit it in any photo bag or even in your pants pocket. The case made of airplane aluminum will provide protection in all conditions. On the bottom and side of the lamp is equipped with a tripod thread ¼ inch, which allows for versatile installation.

360 ° HSI
Newell LED lamp thanks to the use of professional RGB LEDs, allows for smooth color adjustment in the range of 0 – 360 ° RGB and from 0 – 100% adjustable saturation. The whole is complemented by the ability to adjust the light output in the range of 1 – 100%.

It is also worth noting that the device additionally uses white diodes with full control of light output in the range of 1 – 100% and color temperature 3200 – 5600 K. Graphics – Newell RGB-W Rangha LED lamp

Power options
With a built-in battery with a capacity of up to 4000 mAh you no longer have to worry about buying additional power. At full power, the polymer cell will provide up to about 90 minutes of uninterrupted operation. Thanks to the built-in USB port the device can be used as a powerbank.

Read full product information here: Newell RGB-W Rangha LED Lamp

Rodolfo Biber, S.A. (ROBISA) as distributor Spain, Portugal, Andorra.

We happy to announce that we have appointed Rodolfo Biber, S.A. (ROBISA) as Newell’s exclusive distributor for territory of Spain, Portugal and Andorra.
Rodolfo Biber, S.A. founded in 1958, continues to be one of the main distribution companies in the photo and video sector, being dynamic and capable of reacting to changes in the market.

We are very pleased to start this cooperation with such a highly experienced and professional team. We believe this will be a big step forward for Newell and much better service for Iberian customers.

Please take a look at distributor’s website:

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