Outdoor activities not only allow you to relax and unwind but also promote relationship-building and learning about the natural world. In this article, we would like to present inspiring ideas on how to spend time outdoors and have fun.

We often forget how important spending time outdoors is for our physical and mental health. For children, it is not only an opportunity to play but also to learn and discover the world around them. That’s why we want to encourage everyone to get out of the house often and explore the adventures that await us outdoors. We also have some suggestions on how to make this time more interesting for children. Not only nature will help, but also some inconspicuous gadgets that can be used in non-obvious ways…

Leave your smartphone at home

Good outdoor fun does not have to depend on a smartphone or tablet. While electronic gadgets can be useful, nothing can replace direct contact with nature and physical activity outdoors. That’s why we encourage you to explore the world around you, discover new places, and enjoy simple but unusual adventures. Let’s use electronic gadgets as a support, but remember that the most important thing is spending time together with the family and enjoying the moments we have the opportunity to experience together in nature. Here’s how to spice up those magical moments.

Light painting: Creativity and fun

Light painting is a fascinating technique for taking photos, which involves creating various patterns with the help of additional light sources that appear in front of the lens. Such photographs are taken in the dark. It is not only a creative art form, but also a great fun that can appeal to both children and adults. When you paint with light, you can create amazing effects that add magic and mystery to your photography, and allow you to express your creativity.

How to prepare for light painting

Preparing for a light painting session requires a few steps that will help ensure that the fun runs smoothly and the desired effects are achieved. Here are some tips:

  • Choose the right location – Before starting a light painting session, choosing the right location is a good idea. Make sure the location is dark to avoid unwanted lights that may interfere with the effects.
  • Prepare right equipment – Make sure you have the right equipment with you, including flashlights, LED lights, laser pointers, and other light sources. In addition, have a tripod on hand to steady your camera during long exposures.
  • Choose the right camera and settings – Choose a camera that allows you to manually control settings, including exposure time (shutter speed) and ISO. Typically, the best light painting results are achieved with low ISO and long exposure times.

How to paint with light

Light painting is a creative and experimental process that allows you to create a variety of patterns, effects, and compositions using the movement of a light source during a long camera exposure. Here are some tips on how to get started painting with light:

  • Choose the right light source – Start by choosing the right light source, such as a flashlight, LED lamp, or laser pointer. Each light source will create different effects, so experiment with different types.
  • Start with simple patterns – At first, it is recommended to start with simple patterns and movements to learn how to control the light source and achieve the desired effects. You can start with simple lines, circles, spirals, or letters.
  • Use different colors and effects – Adding colors or special effects to your light painting can greatly enhance the appeal of your photos. Use different light colors, flicker effects, or intensity changes to create unique effects.

πŸ’‘ This may come in handy for you: Flashlight with laser

The Newell FL1000LUV USB-C is an advanced tactical flashlight encased in rugged metal housing. It provides a maximum luminous flux of 1000 lm, making it an ideal tool for both outdoor and indoor use. The flashlight offers up to 6 modes of operation, including ultraviolet (UV) light and red laser, which significantly expands its spectrum of applications. Thanks to its movable head, which can be adjusted to a 90-degree angle, the flashlight can light the way while clipped to a belt or backpack. The light beam range reaches an impressive 109 meters, providing excellent visibility over large areas. The flashlight meets IP54 waterproofing standards and is powered by a replaceable 18650 battery (included).

Tales by the fire without …. campfire

In many places we can’t light a campfire for safety or environmental reasons. However, the lack of a real fire does not mean that we have to give up magical encounters in the forest, garden, or meadow. Thanks to modern technology, we can enjoy the same atmosphere using lamps that imitate campfire flames. Among the special effects offered by models such as Newell RGB Kathi Pro, Kathi Max, or Pravaha there is no shortage of such a mode. It was originally developed with filmmakers in mind. However, we can successfully use “artificial fire” to create a unique atmosphere during a family outing out of town. This is perfect for those who want to spend time outdoors listening to stories and enjoying the company of loved ones, without violating laws or regulations on campfire burning.

πŸ’‘ This may come in handy for you: an LED lamp that mimics a campfire light

The Newell RGB Kathi Nano Pro is one of the smallest representatives of the Kathi lamp family. It is, of course, not only a proven way to have a “home campfire”. It will be a great choice for product and portrait photographers, as well as for vlog and music video creators. The **Lamp will also work well for “painting” with the “light painting” technique.** The Kathi Nano Pro offers adjustable power and color temperature (2500 K – 9900 K) and access to 360 different light colors. There are also **21 predefined special effects**, divided into 7 thematic groups. 2 1/4″ threads and strong magnets will ensure convenient mounting. You’ll charge the lamp via the popular USB-C port, using a power bank or smartphone charger.

A picnic away from home

A picnic is a great way to spend time outdoors, allowing you to combine tasty food, fun, and relaxation surrounded by nature. Whether you go to a nearby park, forest, or meadow, preparing a small feast on a blanket and enjoying time with your family guarantees unforgettable moments. When having a picnic, stock up on your favorite treats, a picnic blanket, and a variety of games and activities to further enhance your time outdoors.

πŸ’‘ This may come in handy for you: Pocket flashlight

The Newell EDC Nyks LED Flashlight during a picnic when it starts to get dark, an extra source of light comes in handy. The Newell EDC Nyks LED Flashlight is the perfect travel companion that fits in your pocket. Its compact size means you can take it anywhere, and the bright light will provide adequate visibility even in total darkness. With 900 lumens of maximum light intensity, Nyks can successfully compete with larger tactical flashlights. The functionality of the device is complemented by a side LED panel offering 5 modes of operation (including UV light, red light, and warning light). The design of the light is adapted to work in harsh conditions. The device survives falls from a height of up to 1 meter. The IP65 standard guarantees resistance to dust and moisture. With a pendant and magnet for mounting on metal surfaces, the flashlight can always be at hand.

Walks in the woods and on mountain trails

Hiking on scenic trails is a great way for the whole family to enjoy active recreation and close contact with nature. While hiking, you can not only enjoy beautiful views and fresh air but also discover new places and gain experiences that will stay in your memory for a long time. Whether you choose short trails for walking or long trekking routes, hiking allows you to get away from everyday life and recharge your batteries surrounded by nature.

πŸ’‘ This may come in handy for you: Headlamp flashlight

When hiking, especially in low light conditions, a headlamp is an absolute “must-have”. The Newell Campina Multi is a source of powerful light that will come in handy during hiking, camping, and camping trips. Thanks to its XPG and COB LEDs, the Newell Campina Multi flashlight offers 7 different light modes (including red warning light and flash). Thanks to the adjustable headband, you can light your way without using your hands. You will also mount the device on a hat (mounting clip) or metal surface (magnet). The 3-stage angle adjustment makes it easy to precisely direct the light. The device meets the IPX4 waterproof standard, which means it will also work well in the drizzle. Charging the flashlight is fast and convenient thanks to its extensive battery (800 mAh) and USB-C port.

The Newell HL1000COB USB-C headlamp is another reliable source that will work well during outdoor activities. The COB LEDs provide an impressive 1000 lm of light output. Offering 37 meters of range, it will work well for hiking after dark, as well as for nighttime adventures at the campsite, camping, or on the water. The device offers 3 levels of light intensity adjustment and can run for up to 20 hours on a single charge (replaceable 18650 battery included). With a headband equipped with a non-slip strap and 180ΒΊ angle adjustment, you will perfectly adjust it to your needs. Robust metal construction, resistance to falls from a height of 2 meters, and IP54 rating guarantee reliability in harsh conditions. Fast charging will be provided by the USB-C port.

Fun with UV light

Using ultraviolet (UV) light for play is a proven way to create a “wow” effect among children. There is something of magic in being able to see something invisible to the naked eye thanks to these unique rays. UV light allows us to discover hidden patterns, experiment with colors, and create unusual lighting effects. Playing with it can be a great opportunity for learning and exploration, while providing unforgettable entertainment for the whole family, especially during nighttime activities. This is where the Newell FL1000LUV USB-C tactical flashlight with UV and laser comes to the rescue once again.

πŸ’‘ This may come in handy for you: Fluorescent paints

Fluorescent paints are a great addition to play with UV light. With them, you can create colorful and striking images that glow in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet light. It’s a great way to creatively experiment with colors and express your imagination through art.

Secret treasure map

Organizing a treasure hunt based on a pre-prepared map can not only be an exciting adventure for the whole family, but also a great opportunity to spend time outdoors and develop outdoor orientation skills. Discovering hidden treasures according to the clues develops imagination, logical thinking skills, and teamwork. In addition, it provides an exciting experience that will remain in the memory for a long time.

Preparing for the search

The first step is to create a map adapted to the age of the play participants. Mark on it landmarks and places where clues leading to the treasure are hidden. Before heading out into the field, carefully analyze the tasks, paying attention to any hints, symbols, or hidden messages. To add seriousness to the whole expedition, make sure to properly prepare your equipment, including a flashlight, compass, proper attire, and equipment for different weather conditions.

πŸ’‘ This may come in handy for you: Survival kit

The Newell Lunar Multitool is a multitasking LED light that you clip to your belt loop or backpack with a sturdy metal snap hook. With 6 different light modes, it will provide visibility in the dark, allow you to light the way, and work as a red flashing emergency light. It is also a multi-tasking multitool offering: a socket wrench compatible with 7 different types of screws, a screwdriver equipped with interchangeable bits, a glass breaker, and a bottle opener. This inconspicuous gadget will save you from trouble more than once! Thanks to the built-in 500 mAh battery, the light provides up to 3 hours of uninterrupted operation on a single charge. You will also find a handy folding tripod included.

Cops and Thieves

The game of policemen and thieves is a classic game that is always very popular among children. Competition, chases and searches will give the whole family a lot of fun. To further enrich the fun, you can reach for the lamps mentioned earlier that offer special effects. Models such as Newell Cutie Pie or Rangha allow you to simulate the lights of police vehicles, fire engines, or ambulances. This is a great opportunity to play different roles and create pre-prepared scenarios in the field.

πŸ’‘ This may come in handy for you: Multi-tasking LED light

Newell RGB Cutie Pie is a compact LED lamp distinguished by its unique housing and the multitude of functions offered. It’s an ideal choice for video makers, photographers, bloggers, and travelers who value mobility and customizable settings. With adjustable color temperature ranging from 2500 K to 9900 K and the ability to change the color of the light within the HSI color space (hue, saturation, brightness), the Cutie Pie offers almost unlimited possibilities for experimenting with lighting. There are also 21 ready-made special effects on board. You also get several useful accessories included with the lamp: diffuser, mounting clip, cold shoe adapter, tripod, and USB-C cable.

Garden survival

Garden survival is a great fun activity that not only provides excitement but also allows you to develop survival skills in controlled conditions. During this adventure, we can use the Newell Asvala Crank Power Station, which allows you to charge with a crank, allowing you to generate your power even outdoors. This will undoubtedly be quite an attraction for children.

πŸ’‘ This may come in handy for you: Crank electricity

The Newell Asvala Crank is a 22500 mAh power station that stands out for its compact size and above-average functionality. This unique power bank is an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts and people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Its hallmark is the unique manual charging lever. By rotating it, you can generate electricity yourself in an emergency. And when you have access to traditional power sources, you can charge the station from USB-C or micro USB ports. The Newell Asvala Crank will provide convenient charging for smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, and many other devices that you can connect to USB-A (QC 3.0) or USB-C (PD 3.0) ports. A built-in flashlight with SOS mode and LED panel makes the Asvala Crank an essential tool for any adventure.

Creative play outside the home makes memories for a lifetime!

Getting out of the house, exploring the world around us, and spending active time outdoors is not only fun but also an important part of building family bonds. The fun, games, and adventures we experience in the garden or the woods not only provide entertainment but also teach us patience, cooperation, and respect for nature.

We encourage you to use our activity ideas for the whole family and spend unforgettable moments outdoors. Discover the delights of nature together with your children, have fun, explore unfamiliar areas, and above all, enjoy your time together. Be sure to let us know, too, if you have ideas on how to use Newell products in yet another way during outdoor adventures. We look forward to hearing from you on our Facebook and Instagram. Until we hear from you!

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