USB-C Power Delivery: What is it? How does it work? [COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE]

Among the many solutions available that are responsible for device connectivity and power, USB-C and Power Delivery (PD) technology are the standards that have won the admiration of equipment manufacturers and consumers alike. Thanks to them, we can enjoy fast charging and versatility of applications that make everyday life much easier. This article has been written to explain to you step-by-step all the nuances of USB-C Power Delivery, in such a way that you can make an informed decision when buying cables or devices.

Renewable energy and climate change. How do our choices affect the planet?

Climate change is one of the most serious challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. The increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is leading to global warming, which in turn is causing extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and the degradation of ecosystems. To counteract these adverse phenomena, it is necessary not only for the global commitment of governments and corporations but also for the individual actions of each of us. The transformation of the energy sector towards renewable sources plays a key role in the fight against climate change.

Culinary photography: Take outstanding food photos!

Culinary photography not only captures the look of food but also stimulates the senses and imagination. When we browse social media, we often come across stunning photos of food that almost seem to smell and taste through the screen. Behind every such shot is talent and the knowledge and skills involved in culinary photography. In today’s article, we will explore the ins and outs of this field, introducing you to techniques, tricks, and tools that will make your food photos look even more appetizing.

Get crazy creative with new Newell Vividha Effect LED Light!

We’re so pleased to announce this light. Not only has it an App to control all the parameters and Rosco and Lee filters emulation. What’s most important it is divided into 4 independent lighting zones (12 Pixel FX effects). You can go crazy creative with this light in film, YouTube, vlogs, photography, live-streams – you name it.

Webinars and video presentations: Effective communication with B2B clients

Technological innovations are shaping the way we do business today. Remote communication with B2B customers can therefore play a key role. Since the digital revolution, traditional methods of building relationships have given way to modern solutions. We were prompted to write this article by the growing popularity of webinars, video presentations, and instructional materials. What is worth considering when preparing such content? What distribution methods should you choose? How to realize professional video material? We suggest.

Forest Therapy: Nature’s impact on health and well-being

In a rushing world, we increasingly feel a longing for something primal, pure, and healing. The desire to find balance and peace leads us to discover what the Japanese in 1982 called shinrin-yoku, which we can translate as forest bathing. It’s a practice that’s gaining popularity in the field of health and well-being. Are you curious about how it works and what benefits it can bring us? We invite you to read the rest of this article.

How to capture emotions in portrait photography?

Portrait photography is the art of moments; capturing deep emotions and personalities presented through single frames. It is not only an emphasis on technique but also on the ability to build a relationship with the model. In today’s article, we invite you to take a journey through the world of portrait photography, where we will focus not only on lighting but also on nuances unrelated to photographic equipment.

Solar energy in practice: How to install photovoltaic panels at home?

As environmental concerns become more important, we think more often about alternative energy sources. One of the more popular solutions is solar energy, which helps reduce electricity bills but also helps reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. In this practical guide, we’ll explain how it works and how to install photovoltaic panels at home.

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