Warranty Services

Newell products come with a 40 month manufacturer’s warranty. If for any reason product becomes defective, report it to the point of sale together with the purchase proof.

Warranty terms

Guarantor is: Fdirect Ltd., Rąbieńska 18, 94-227 Łódź, phone +48 42 252 99 95 | NIP: 9471916045 | REGON: 473304713 | BDO:000010258 2

The warranty is provided for Newell branded products in World.

 The warranty period is 40 months from the original date of purchase of the new product as shown on the receipt or VAT invoice.

The warranty covers only defects arising from causes attributable to the product sold.

The repair period is up to 14 days from the date of delivery to the authorized service center. The repair time may be extended in the case of having to import service parts from abroad – but not longer than 30 days.

A list of service centers is available at www.newell.pro.

The warranty does not cover defects or costs resulting from:
– Use of the product contrary to its purpose or instructions for use
Damage resulting therefrom
– Modifications, alterations and repairs in service other than indicated
– Mechanical damage and natural wear and tear over time

In order to facilitate the complaint process, please register in the service panel: https://f2serwis.pl

The warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the buyer warranty for defects of goods sold.
In the case of a buyer who is not a consumer, the guarantor is not liability for the loss of potential profits arising in the course of performing
repair of the advertised goods – it cannot be the reason for the claims addressed to the guarantor.

OFFICIAL SERVICE NEWELL:  https://f2serwis.pl/

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