How to charge a camera battery without a charger?

Charging camera batteries have always been associated with the need to reach for an external charger. Photo-video manufacturers have accustomed us to having such a device included with newly purchased equipment. However, there are other ways to replenish batteries. We have an alternative solution if you forget to take a charger to a shooting set or don’t have room for it in your backpack!

Newell distributor in New Zealand

Announcing Photo Warehouse as a distributor in New Zealand.

We’re very happy to announce this as a last news this year, that Newell is now available in New Zealand. Photo Warehouse is a leading photographic retailer, with six showrooms around the country as well as over 5,000 products online.

For 35 years Photo Warehouse has been helping people with their Photographic and Video solutions, including professionals, enthusiasts and those seeking their first real camera.

We’re very happy to start working with Photo Warehouse and we wish all our customers and partners a Happy New Year!

Newell Christmas gifts ideas of 2022

Christmas is coming very soon. If you do not yet have an idea for gifts for your loved ones, we have prepared some interesting proposals from our offer. We have divided them into categories to make the choice even easier. Do you have a photographer or budding filmmaker in your family that you want to make happy? Are you looking for a gift for your daughter or partner who is into makeup? Or perhaps a gift should be given to a budding vlogger or traveler? With this guide, you’ll find universal gifts for everyone and those that will help your loved ones develop their unique passions. Become the best Santa Claus 2022 – enjoy your reading and fruitful gift search!

How to properly light a vlog and which lamps to choose?

Creating YouTube videos today does not require special investments in equipment. The main thing is good ideas and interesting content. When it comes to technical issues, an ordinary smartphone is enough to start with. However, with time it comes time to improve the quality of the footage you create. But before you start looking around for a better camera or camcorder, it’s worth thinking about the right lighting. A good choice of lights and the ability to set them up correctly is essential when it comes to the visual side of vlogs. If you don’t know what equipment to choose, to bring out depth from your frames, to properly light your face or create a colorful background glow, this guide is for you!

Newell CarMate Jump starter- an indispensable device for every driver

We are extremely pleased to announce the arrival of the Newell brand Jump starter CarMate

The Newell CarMate device  – 12000 mAh often referred to as a jump starter is a must-have item in every driver’s essentials. With its help you will quickly and safely start a car with a discharged battery, without having to seek help from other road users. The small module offers an impressive capacity of 12000 mAh. The 2 USB sockets will allow you to use the device like a regular power bank. Newell CarMate is compatible with 12-volt batteries. With it, you will bring vehicles with engines with a maximum capacity of 7 liters back to life! In the kit, which is enclosed in a sturdy padded case, you will find high-quality starter cables with clamps, as well as a cigarette lighter adapter and a USB-A / USB-C cable. The device also features a universal flashlight with SOS function and emergency light.

Photographing with a smartphone – take care of effective light!

To create unique photos you do not need an expensive camera at all. What counts above all is creativity! This article was written specifically for people who take pictures with smartphones. Of course, this does not mean that owners of mirrorless and DSLR cameras will not find anything for themselves here. If you are looking for inspiration related to the creative use of light in your product shots or portraits, this text will definitely help you find tools to improve your skillset!

Foto Beseničar as Newell’s distributor for Slovenia

We are pleased to announce that Newell products are now available also in Slovenia. We welcome Foto Beseničar and its passionate team to our international distributor network and look forward to a fruitful collaboration.

Foto Beseničar is a family company, established in 1935. It is headed successfully by Uroš Fabjan, already the third generation of the family. The Foto Beseničar company deals exclusively in photographic goods and is renowned for photo specialists. The company consists of three departments (retail, distribution and service), which deliver a complete range of goods and services.

We are glad that our products will be available for Slovenian users from now on. We believe this will be a big step forward for Newell brand, which will open up many opportunities.

What is a GaN charger and why it’s a real game changer

Chargers that allow us to replenish energy in our smartphones, tablets, laptops, or wireless headphones, among others, are devices that we would be hard-pressed to do without these days. It would seem that it is difficult to invent something new in their case. And yet. Breakthrough technology has been gaining popularity for some time. In modern chargers, silicon has been replaced by gallium nitride (GaN). This article will teach you how these devices work, what sets them apart, and how much you can gain from them.

Newell battery replacements: model comparison

The Newell brand has been on the market since 2009. Throughout all these years, we have carefully listened to the voice of users of our battery replacements and consistently expanded our offer with new products. Today we already boast 4 different battery series used in the photography and film industry. If you’re wondering how Newell’s classic batteries differ from those with Plus, SupraCell and USB-C in their names, this article was written specifically with you in mind. All the information you need to make the right purchasing decision is in one text. With it, you can quickly and conveniently learn about the characteristics of all Newell battery replacements.

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