What is a GaN charger and why it’s a real game changer

Chargers that allow us to replenish energy in our smartphones, tablets, laptops, or wireless headphones, among others, are devices that we would be hard-pressed to do without these days. It would seem that it is difficult to invent something new in their case. And yet. Breakthrough technology has been gaining popularity for some time. In modern chargers, silicon has been replaced by gallium nitride (GaN). This article will teach you how these devices work, what sets them apart, and how much you can gain from them.

Newell battery replacements: model comparison

The Newell brand has been on the market since 2009. Throughout all these years, we have carefully listened to the voice of users of our battery replacements and consistently expanded our offer with new products. Today we already boast 4 different battery series used in the photography and film industry. If you’re wondering how Newell’s classic batteries differ from those with Plus, SupraCell and USB-C in their names, this article was written specifically with you in mind. All the information you need to make the right purchasing decision is in one text. With it, you can quickly and conveniently learn about the characteristics of all Newell battery replacements.

AA and AAA rechargeable batteries: ecology, convenience and saving money

In the United States, 3 billion batteries are thrown into the garbage annually. Nearly 15 tons of such waste then end up in landfills. Worldwide, of course, the numbers will be much more alarming. However, there is a simple way to contribute less to the littering of our planet. And, importantly, it will save a lot of money! All you have to do is switch from ordinary batteries to rechargeable ones.

How to choose the best wireless charger?

Inductive chargers are gaining popularity in our homes and offices. No wonder. Not only do they help keep things tidy, but they also allow us to forget about tangled cables. They make workstations more ergonomic while charging itself remains efficient. The launch of the new series of inductive chargers Newell induOne is a good time to answer the most frequently asked questions, dispel some myths and help you choose the right model of the device.

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