The power of visual narrative: How to use photo-video to tell a B2B brand story

Visual narrative, or the art of storytelling through photos and videos, is a potent tool for building brand image. While it is often associated with the consumer sector, its role in the B2B business world is equally important. Today we will take a deeper look at this extraordinary power in the context of business-to-business companies.

Watch Dennis Stebner’s Review – German

Discover a world of possibilities with Newell! Watch the video on Dennis Stebner’s German channel as he shares his first impressions of our products. From the innovative rechargeable batteries with built-in USB-C port to the powerful Asvala Mini power station, and one of our best-selling Air Artha LED light – experience the difference that Newell can make in your life.

The art of street photography: Capturing moments in urban space

The street is the stage where life takes place. It’s a place where everyday stories, emotions, and moments become true works of art if only we are willing to notice and capture them. Street photography, although sometimes underestimated, is one of the most fascinating fields of the art of catching moments, requiring both technical skill and exceptional sensitivity. It is an art form that allows one to capture life as it is, in its natural and authentic form.

A guide to various renewable energy sources: What to choose for your home?

In an era of growing environmental awareness and a drive to reduce the negative impact of our actions on climate change, we are increasingly thinking about choosing more sustainable energy sources. So it’s worth looking at the options available on the market to get a full picture of the alternatives available. Today we will take the key sources of renewable energy on the wall: solar, hydro, wind and biogas.

Beginner’s Guide: How to prepare for a camping trip?

Camping is one of those experiences that has been gaining popularity recently when we are surrounded by new technologies almost around the clock. It’s not only an opportunity to get away from daily chores, discover new places, take beautiful photos, and relax. It’s also a chance to gain survival experience in harsh conditions. If you are ready for an adventure that will connect you with nature, we have prepared a short guide for beginner campers.

Color temperature and CRI’s role in videos and photos

One of the key elements that affect the quality and atmosphere of videos and photos is lighting. In the last decade, LED lights have become particularly popular. They are affordable, energy-efficient, offer great light quality, and most importantly, this product segment is no longer reserved only for professionals. When starting your adventure with LED lighting, whether for vlogging or photo shoots, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic terms and principles of studio lamps. And that’s why today we’re taking on the color temperature of light (CCT) – a variable parameter that will help you effectively create the atmosphere of your frames.

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