We’re so pleased to announce this light. Not only has it an App to control all the parameters and Rosco and Lee filters emulation. What’s most important it is divided into 4 independent lighting zones (12 Pixel FX effects). You can go crazy creative with this light in film, YouTube, vlogs, photography, live-streams – you name it.

The Newell RGB Vividha Effect LED light is a square lighting panel, ideal for film and photography applications. With a max power of 60 watts, 576 LEDs (including 288 RGB) and a wide range of setting controls, it will be an ideal choice for those who care about adjusting parameters such as color, color temperature or light intensity. Creative use of the lamp is extended by such solutions as division into 4 independent lighting zones (12 Pixel FX effects) and 15 special effects (including fireworks or explosion). A control panel with LCD screen or a free mobile app allow convenient control of the device. An AC adapter is included in the kit. 2 NP-F sockets will also allow you to use rechargeable batteries. The product comes with a 40-month manufacturer’s warranty.

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