The Newell Rangha family has just grown with a new device! An LED lamp that fits in any bag or backpack of a video maker or photographer will help you create even better videos or photos using colored light. Meet the Newell RGB-W Rangha Nano – the perfect device for vloggers as well as macro, product or street photography enthusiasts.

The Newell RGB-W Rangha Nano is a small LED lamp that will fit in any photographic bag or vlogger backpack. Thanks to the maximum power of 300 lumens, you can successfully use it in macro photography, product or street photography. It will also be great when working on video materials or stop-motion animations. The device allows you to conveniently adjust the power and color temperature, as well as switch between 12 RGB colors. Newell engineers also did not forget about a set of ready-made special effects that will help to emphasize the nature of the filmed scenes even better. The Newell RGB-W Rangha Nano housing also has a cold shoe that will allow you to easily install the lamp on rail mounts known from cameras, rigs or cages. 3 mounting points enable the connection of additional devices and accessories. The lamp is powered by popular AA batteries.

Newell RGB-W Rangha Nano main features:

  • a small LED lamp that is perfect for film and photography
  • offers a maximum power of 300 lumens
  • 8 levels of color temperature adjustment from 3,000 to 6,500 K.
  • the ability to choose the color of light (12 RGB colors)
  • 2 buttons and an ergonomic knob for convenient operation
  • 13 ready-made special effects
  • equipped with a cold shoe that you can easily install on the mounts of cameras, rigs or cages
  • equipped with 3 mounting rails enabling the installation of other devices with a “cold shoe”
  • powered by 2 AA batteries

The Newell RGB-W Rangha Nano is a LED lamp that should be a must-have in the bag of every photographer or video maker. A small device will help to illuminate scenes, add colorful effects or highlight key moments. The small flash is also a great choice wherever you are filming or photographing in macro scale. Product photos, LEGO bricks, dioramas, models, insects, plants – Rangha Nano will work in each of the above-mentioned situations. You can choose from as many as 12 different colors of light. Thanks to a convenient knob, you can additionally adjust their intensity. You don’t need to use the filters offered by mobile apps to play with colors in your photos and videos. A small lamp will allow you to get unique effects without the help of software!

Newell RGB-W Rangha Nano also offers 13 unique special modes that add unique lighting effects to your movies, based on different sequences of colors or flashes. Thanks to them, you can simulate a thunderstorm, fireworks, a broken bulb, flash light, party strobes, a police car or an ambulance. Despite its small size, the Newell RGB-W Rangha Nano will show you how the magic of cinema works in a micro scale!


  • model: Newell RGB-W Rangha Nano
  • output power: 3W
  • voltage: 3V
  • brightness: max. 300 lm
  • CRI: 90+
  • LED: 48 pieces (16 x white light, 16 x warm light, 16 x RGB)
  • color temperature range: 3000 – 6500 K
  • RGB colors: 12
  • dimming range: 0 – 100%
  • power supply: 2 AA batteries
  • dimensions: 68 x 80 x 35 mm
  • weight: 78 g
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