Christmas is coming soon, so it’s high time to think about gifts for your loved ones. Well-chosen gifts are fun for both the givers and the recipients. Sometimes, however, choosing the right thing is quite a challenge. Especially when our friend or family member has a passion that we don’t know much about. So, if you are looking for a gift for someone who is interested in photography, creates videos for YouTube, or just enjoys documenting their life from a lens perspective, you’ve come to the right place! We have prepared a guide to Newell gadgets and devices so that your loved ones get gifts for photographers that will really be useful for them!

A gift for a photography enthusiast does not have to be a challenge. The range of the Newell brand will certainly include many devices and accessories that will be useful to owners of SLR and mirrorless cameras, as well as film and sports cameras. Importantly, gadgets for a photographer do not have to be expensive! In our gift box you will find products at prices that will surely fit into the Christmas budget. When choosing the right gifts, it is worth remembering that in the world of photography and film there are different standards – cables, sockets, batteries, etc. This means that many gadgets should be selected for specific camera models. Find out discreetly what equipment your loved ones use. An inquisitive and informed Santa always gives the best gifts. And in case of any doubts, you can also contact us via e-mail or the contact form. If the knowledge from our article is not enough, our experts will surely help you choose the perfect gift for the photographer!

Extra batteries are a great gift for the photographer

Almost everyone who deals with photography must remember that long hours spent taking pictures require the replacement of batteries in the camera. Charging them usually takes several hours, so spare cells are a must-have in your gear bag. All you need to do is find out what equipment the recipient uses, and in the range of Newell battery replacements you will surely find the right model at an affordable price. There is no such thing as too many spare batteries in the world of photography. The recipient will surely use this gift sooner or later!

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A gift for a photographer we don’t know much about

If you want to surprise someone, you don’t always have the opportunity to find out exactly what the recipient needs. The element of surprise is double the joy, but there is nothing worse than unwanted and unnecessary gifts. If you don’t know what camera your recipient photographer is working with, nothing is lost. A universal gift will be the Newell Smart C4 Supra or Newell Smart C8 charger. These models are compatible with dozens of different batteries that are often used in electronic devices (but not cameras). By choosing such a charger, you increase your chances that a surprise gift will be useful!

A power bank for a photographer is a good gift idea

Let’s stay for a moment on the topic of powering devices. Many cameras have a built-in micro USB or USB-C port that allows for external power delivery. Then it is worth using a power bank. This is another great gift idea as it has hundreds of uses, not just in the world of photography. In the Newell brand offer, it is worth paying attention to 3 models of power banks, which differ in size, offered battery capacity, as well as the number of supported sockets and ports.

Ultra-mobile and portable power source

Every photographer sometimes needs extra energy to work with the camera. The Newell KM001 Power Bank with a capacity of 10,000 mAh is a mobile power source that will provide an additional boost of power when taking photos or filming videos. High efficiency allows you to increase the number of photos taken during the session several times, without the need to replace the batteries. It is the perfect solution for mirrorless cameras, smartphones and sports cameras. The KM001 model supports bi-directional 18W QC and PD fast charging protocol. It is a good gift for an amateur photographer, but also a professional!

Even more power!

The Newell GP12 Power Bank is a gift for a photographer who will use it not only to charge a smartphone, headphones and a camera, but also to power much larger devices, such as laptops. The device supports charging using a traditional USB type A cable and USB-C, which is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the included adapters, you can conveniently charge almost any laptop! The GP12 also allows for wireless inductive charging. The multitude of applications will make it the best companion for long journeys, city trips, trips to nature and everyday duties.

Power station for the most demanding users

The perfect gift for a photographer who needs access to a traditional AC outlet (220 – 240 V) when working outdoors is the Power Station Newell Asvala portable power bank. It is compatible with various types of plugs, thanks to which it will be successfully used in various parts of the world. The versatility of applications combined with the impressive capacity of 41600 mAh will allow you to forget about traditional power sources for a long time.

Accessories for the photographer: choose a small LED lamp

The Newell offer also includes LED lamps that will help you control the light and give your photos a unique character. For our gift box, we chose the smaller ones that will not burden your budget too much and will successfully fit under the Christmas tree.

A small and handy gadget for a photographer

The Newell RGB-W Rangha Nano is a small LED lamp that will fit in any photographic bag or vlogger backpack. It is perfect for macro photography, product photography or street photography. The device offers 12 different RGB colors. There were also ready-made special effects that will allow you to emphasize the character and emotions of the photos even better. Importantly, the lamp is powered by popular AA batteries.

A gift for a photographer and … a vlogger

A great gift idea for someone who not only photographs, but also shoots videos is the ring light. The Newell RL-10A is immediately available with a handy tripod that will ensure adequate stability. The device can be used in portrait, product and macro photography. Perfectly soft light and the possibility of adjusting the color temperature will also be of interest to people involved in photography or vlogs in the beauty sector.

A gift for a photography enthusiast who loves neon colors

Newell RGB Kathi is a LED lamp with a unique sword shape, which you can use in a creative way during photo sessions and work on video materials. The device offers power and color temperature adjustment, as well as 6 different colors of light. The lamp has 10 special operating modes that allow you to create unique special effects simulating, among others thunderstorm, police car lights or candlelight. The built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh and the possibility of power supply from the USB-C port will ensure comfortable work for many hours, and the remote control will allow you to control the settings even easier.

Gadgets for the photographer perfect for a gift

When looking for a gift with a more universal character, it is worth paying attention to the innovative Power Office power strip available from Newell. If the recipient works with lamps, recharges the batteries during photo sessions or uses other devices powered from the socket, they will surely like such a gadget.

A light tent is a great gift for an amateur photographer

The last item in our gift box is a gadget that will be especially appreciated by people involved in product photography. Or maybe you know someone who collects or builds with LEGO figures and wants the photographs of his collection to a whole new level? The light tent will be the perfect gift for all enthusiasts of photographing small objects in a professional studio atmosphere, which can be obtained on any table, desk or floor in seconds. Newell’s offer includes as many as 3 such structures with different dimensions: M20, M40 II and M80 II.

featured image source: @ktphotographyx
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