Working with your camera for hours on end requires adequate power. When planning a long live stream, you can of course plug your devices into electrical outlets (if they offer such a solution at all), but when shooting outdoors this will unfortunately be impossible. This is why V-Mount batteries, also known as V-Lock, are gaining huge popularity. The film industry loves them for their huge capacity and convenience of use. You do not know how to start your adventure with V-Mounts and whether your devices will be compatible with them? After reading this article everything will become clear!

Looking for a way to extend the life of your recording equipment? V-Lock batteries will revolutionize your workflow. Here’s what you’ll learn from this article:

  1. What are V-Mount batteries?
  2. In what situations is it worth reaching for a V-Mount battery?
  3. V-Mount batteries and live streaming
  4. How to connect a V-Mount battery to a regular camera?
  5. The V-Lock standard in film lighting
  6. How to charge V-Mount batteries quickly?

DISCLAIMER: V-lock and V-mount are names used interchangeably.

What is a V-Mount battery?

V-Mount batteries until recently were associated only with high-end film equipment. Today, high-capacity cells equipped with a characteristic “V” shaped mounting system are gaining popularity among video creators publishing on the web and people dealing with film and photography as a hobby. V-Mounts are used to power cameras, LED lighting cameras, monitors, microphones and many other devices. They are usually larger and heavier than typical batteries designed for specific devices, and they take longer to charge. However, you should keep in mind that proper preparation for shooting with V-Mounts will allow you to forget about replacing cells even for a whole day.

Comfort of working with V-Mount batteries

There are many different situations during which V-Mount batteries can make your job easier. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of difficult access to the battery compartment. If you’re working with a camera enclosed in a cage with many other devices installed, each battery change can involve several minutes of downtime in your recordings. Sometimes the very installation of the device on a tripod prevents you from opening the battery compartment. If the frame is perfectly set and you have to replace the battery, you lose another precious minutes to get ready for work again. V-Mounts are installed outside the battery compartment, so you not only gain more working time, but also more ergonomics.

Looking for a V-Mount battery to use with your camera, camcorder, light kit or monitor? There are several different options to choose from. It all depends on what kind of fire capacity you want. Before you buy, be sure to check that the model you choose will be compatible with your equipment. It is important because some V-Mounts in our offer were created especially for lighting. These are the models:

  • Newell VLB-220W TES V-Mount (capacity: 15000 mAh)
  • Newell VLB-290W TES V-Mount (capacity: 20000 mAh)

If you want more versatility, reach for models:

  • Newell BP-V47 SLIM (capacity: 3200 mAh)
  • Newell BP-V95 SLIM (capacity: 6400 mAh)
  • Newell BP-V142 SLIM (capacity: 9600 mAh)
  • Newell BP-V190 SLIM (Capacity: 12800 mAh)
  • Newell BP-190 V-Mount (capacity: 13200 mAh)
  • Newell BP-150WS V-Mount (capacity: 10400 mAh)
  • Newell BP-95W V-Mount (capacity: 6600 mAh)

These V-Mounts you will be able to connect to most devices compatible with V-Lock system and D-Tap socket.

V-Mount standard: the ideal choice for streamers

If you’re live streaming 4K video from your camera, the original battery may not be enough. An unexpected break in the stream is the last thing you’d want, so it’s worth thinking about an adequate power supply. A hardware setup that includes V-Mounts is the perfect choice for people who like to chat. Several hours of recording is possible without changing the batteries in the camera. What is important, when working with V-Mount batteries you are not dependent on electrical outlets. You can say that they act as capacious power banks, created especially for filmmakers.

How do I connect a V-Mount battery pack to a regular camera?

Now, many people may be wondering how to supposedly connect their camera to a V-Mount battery pack when it doesn’t come with a distinctive mounting point or compatible cable. With help comes the Newell D-Tap power adapters. There are currently 6 different units available, designed to work with many popular camera models:

  • EN-EL14 (Nikon)
  • EN-EL15 (Nikon)
  • LP-E6 (Canon)
  • NP-FW50 (Sony)
  • NP-FZ100 (Sony)
  • NP-W126 (Fujifilm)

“Dummy battery” replaces the traditional cell in the battery compartment for comfortable operation when live streaming, capturing very long shots or recording webinars and web streams. The design of the Newell D-Tap adapters has been made to fit perfectly into the battery compartment. The spiral cord will facilitate comfortable filming, extending to a length of over 100 centimeters.

V-Mount standard for film and photographic lighting

It’s worth noting that pairing V-Mount batteries with digital cameras is just the front end when it comes to enhancing the on-set experience. There are dozens of other devices that can be powered by these unique cells – from preview screens to lighting. More and more LED lights available on the market offer external energy replenishment from V-Mount batteries. They are equipped with appropriate mounting points, ensuring safe installation of the cell. Working with such lamps is so convenient that we can take them with us anywhere, regardless of whether there are electrical outlets available on the set.

How to charge V-Mount batteries quickly?

Since we have already discussed the topic of powering other devices with V-Locks, it is also worth mentioning how to quickly replenish the power in the devices themselves. With help come two professional chargers from Newell.

2 charging channels

Our first suggestion is the Newell dual charger for V-Mount batteries. As the name suggests, it has two charging channels. The device is equipped with a clear indicator system, based on LEDs. This makes it easy to operate and control the charging process. Advanced MCU controllers regulate all parameters responsible for efficient and safe battery replenishment. They protect against overheating and overcharging, ensuring maximum cell life. The ergonomic handle and folding legs are also worth noting. Thanks to these solutions the charger becomes ultra-mobile.

Charging 4 V-Lock batteries simultaneously

For the more demanding users who power multiple devices on set with V-Locks, we have prepared something special. Newell BP-4CH 4-channel charger for V-Mount batteries is a device that allows you to replenish the power in up to 4 V-Lock cells at the same time! This is nothing but an extended variant of the model presented in the previous paragraph. Like the 2-channel variant, the station can also serve as a powerbank, to which you connect the 4-pin XLR cable.

Do you have questions about V-Lock batteries? Or are you looking for the right D-Tap adapter or can’t decide on the right charger? Write to us on Facebook or Instagram! We’ll be sure to help!

Credits: Nevels Media

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