Chargers that allow us to replenish energy in our smartphones, tablets, laptops, or wireless headphones, among others, are devices that we would be hard-pressed to do without these days. It would seem that it is difficult to invent something new in their case. And yet. Breakthrough technology has been gaining popularity for some time. In modern chargers, silicon has been replaced by gallium nitride (GaN). This article will teach you how these devices work, what sets them apart, and how much you can gain from them.

Speeding up the charging process, support for different types of devices, and small size. These are the 3 features that have made GaN chargers extremely popular around the world in recent years. We hope that after reading this text you will better understand how devices made with silicon differ from those based on gallium nitride, and why GaN is the technology of the future.

From this article you will learn:

  • how traditional silicon chargers work;
  • why GaN is the future of charging;
  • why GaN chargers are more efficient than traditional ones;
  • what devices can be connected to a GaN charger;
  • whether GaN chargers are safe;
  • what makes charging with a GaN charger so fast;
  • why GaN chargers are so small and compact;
  • what GaN charger is worth buying;
  • what sets the Newell GaN Tech Quick charger apart.

Silicon chargers VS. GaN chargers

Let’s start with a brief history lesson. In the 1980s, the silicon revolution began. This material made it possible to construct transistors that offered better conductivity than other materials used before. At the same time, its production was not expensive, so silicon quickly became a symbol of change (the name “Silicon Valley” did not come from nowhere, after all!). Over the years, various technologies using this element have been perfected. In the past, chargers constantly sent current to the battery, which could lead to overcharging. Today, we have innovative monitoring systems that automatically regulate the current. However, we have reached a point where, because of the properties of silicon and how it transfers heat and energy, components made from it can no longer be made smaller. And this is where GaN, or gallium nitride, enters the scene.

Gallium nitride is changing the world of chargers

Interestingly, GaN is not a recent discovery. As early as the 1990s, it began to be used in the production of LEDs. It was this element that helped create the first blue lasers and full-color LED displays. It also found use in DVD and Blu-ray players and solar cells that power satellites. Over time, the material was discovered to be a great replacement for silicon chargers, providing additional benefits. GaN allows it to conduct much higher voltages than silicon. Current passes faster through components that are made of this material. GaN is therefore more efficient and, most importantly, generates less heat. And it is this last feature that has made gallium nitride conquer the world of chargers today.

What distinguishes GaN chargers?

Replacing silicon with gallium nitride, which heats up less, allows transistors to be placed closer together. More computing power here goes hand in hand with a reduction in the space required for installing transistors inside the device’s housing. So it has been possible to create small chargers that can do more work and do it even faster.

GaN chargers – smaller than silicon competitors

GaN chargers are a great choice for people who travel frequently. Their dimensions can be much smaller than those of devices that use silicon. By choosing a GaN charger you gain more space in your backpack or suitcase, and at the same time, you can plug in not only your smartphone or e-book reader, but often also your laptop, which you have been powering so far with a separate power supply.

GaN charger is ultra-fast

Most GaN chargers (including our Newell GaN Tech Quick 2x USB-C + USB 65W) support Quick Charge and Power Delivery technologies. They can calculate all necessary charging parameters and deliver current to the charged device in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the use of modern protections against overheating, overloading, and overcharging, your equipment will also be properly protected.

GaN chargers: support for thousands of devices

We have already mentioned that GaN chargers are able to adapt their operating parameters to the different types of connected devices. As a result, one charging port is all you need, whether you need to replenish your smartphone, tablet or wireless headphones, or your laptop. This is further proof that the GaN will be an ideal choice for a travel essential, which after all needs to be as versatile as possible.

GaN charger from Newell

Now that you know what sets GaN chargers apart and why their dominance in the market is probably a matter of the next few years, it’s time for a bit of self-promotion. As it happens, we have on offer a device that, with its 3 charging ports, will successfully replace most chargers you use every day. Importantly, our GaN charger, like other Newell products, comes with up to a 40-month warranty!

Newell GaN Tech Quick 2x USB-C + USB 65W

We’re sure you’ve already guessed that the use of gallium nitride in our charger made it possible to reduce the space occupied by components and enclose them in a more compact housing. Thanks to the innovations introduced, the device is also faster and more efficient. The GaN Tech Quick 2x USB-C + USB 65W model can also offer much more power than traditional smartphone chargers. With a maximum output power of 65W, you can successfully charge your computer with it, dispensing with thick tangled cables!

The perfect travel companion

Newell GaN Tech Quick 2x USB-C + USB 65W power charger is the perfect travel companion. The USB port and 2 USB-C ports will allow you to charge 3 different electronic gadgets simultaneously. Of course, all sockets offer protection against short circuits, overheating, overloading, and overcharging of the device. Moreover, the wide range of supported voltage of electrical outlets (100 V – 240 V) will allow you to use the Newell GaN Tech Quick worldwide. Keep in mind, however, that in some countries you will need an appropriate plug adapter, which must be purchased separately!

Refined to the last detail

As always, we have also ensured the highest quality workmanship, which translates into reliability and long life. The device uses modern chips and circuits, which are enclosed in an aesthetically pleasing white case made of strong plastic. Each of the 3 ports has been properly signed to make it easy to manage the devices you want to charge. The icing on the cake is the LED light, which will let you know when it’s ready for use when plugged in.

Want to learn more about GaN chargers or our other products? If you have any questions or concerns, go ahead and email us or hook us up on Facebook or Instagram. Our people know chargers like no one else and will be happy to help you.

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