A power inverter is a device that can help you in many everyday situations. If you often travel by car, it is the one that will allow you to use a traditional electrical outlet (offering 230V alternating current), even though the vehicle is equipped with a 12V or 24V electrical system. Although it may sound complicated to a layman, in reality a power inverter is very easy to use. From this article you will learn exactly what this device is and how to use it. You will also learn the differences between modified sine wave and pure sine wave inverters, as well as what to look for in order to choose the right Newell device to suit your needs.

From this article you will learn:

  • How does a power inverter work?
  • In what situations is a power inverter useful?
  • What distinguishes a power inverter with a modified sine wave?
  • Modified sine wave or true (pure) sine wave?
  • What model of power inverter to choose?
  • What are the characteristics of different models of inverters from Newell?
  • What devices can be connected to a power inverter with a modified sine wave?
  • How to connect a power inverter in a car or RV?
  • What new inverters will appear in our offer later this year?

What is a power inverter?

A power inverter is a device that allows the power supply of electricity consumers from power systems, the specifics of which do not allow direct connection to the consumer. Its task is to change the value of the current and voltage in a way that meets the requirements of the powered consumer, with the lowest possible power losses. It will be particularly useful in cars, boats or camping – anywhere you do not have access to a traditional electrical outlet that we use every day in our homes. All you need to do is connect the inverter directly to the battery or to the car’s cigarette lighter socket. The device will then change the 12-volt or 24-volt DC voltage to ~230W AC.

One device, dozens of uses

When you travel, access to electrical outlets is sometimes limited. Devices such as heaters, kettles or laptop chargers have plugs that are compatible with your home electrical system. However, you only need to equip yourself with an inverter to avoid having to buy new electronic equipment that is compatible with systems used in cars or boats, among others. The inverter, in the form of a small box, will make it possible to power and charge your devices from a battery or car lighter socket.

Modified sine wave VS. pure sine wave

Before discussing specific models of voltage inverters, it is worth explaining beforehand what a “modified sine wave” is. An inverter that offers this solution generates a voltage waveform similar to a sine wave. It is characterized by a simple design and a lower price. You will connect to it less demanding devices (such as a laptop or smartphone charger, heater or electric kettle). Such an inverter will also cope well with power tools (such as angle grinders or drills) equipped with commutator motors. If you are looking for a way to power appliances with induction motors (e.g. water pumps, refrigerators, air conditioners), compressors, LED bulbs or Hi-Fi equipment, we recommend buying an inverter with a true (pure) sine wave. It generates an almost identical waveform compared to the waveform in a 230-volt home network, provides a more stable voltage value and gives you confidence that the listed equipment will work properly. Such inverters will also be included in our offer, but about this only in the last paragraph of the article. For now, let’s focus on inverters with modified sine wave.

Power inverter with modified sine wave – what to pay attention to?

When you choose an inverter, it is worth paying attention to the power rating of the devices you plan to connect to it. It is good to follow a rule of thumb here. The power consumed by the device connected to the inverter should not exceed 88% of the rated power. It is also a good idea to check what connection options the inverter offers to the electrical system. 12 V inverters can be connected directly to the battery, as well as to the car lighter socket. For 24-volt inverters, only the former option will work. Before you choose the right inverter, also consider how many outlets or USB ports you will need.

Car inverter: 12 V or 24 V?

In our offer you can currently find inverters characterized by 12 V and 24 V. To choose the right device, be sure to check the parameters of your battery. 12 V inverters will be compatible with most popular passenger cars. They will allow you to invert direct current from a 12-volt battery or cigarette lighter socket into 230-volt alternating current. A 24-volt inverter, on the other hand, is a device designed for slightly larger cars. Unlike passenger cars, where 12-volt batteries are usually used, large vehicles require twice as much voltage. A 24-volt inverter will therefore be the best choice for drivers who travel in RVs or work in the transportation industry.

Which model of Newell inverter to choose?

Our offer currently includes 3 models of power inverters with modified sine wave: 12 V / 300 W, 12 V / 500 W and 24 V / 1000 W.

Newell power inverter with modified sine wave – 12 V / 230 V, 300 W.

The maximum usable power of this inverter is 300 W. With it, your universal power source will become a battery or car cigarette lighter. It is equipped with 1 traditional electrical outlet (E standard) and 1 USB-A socket. In the kit, in addition to the usual cables and a cable for the cigarette lighter socket, you will find convenient to use cables with clamps (clamps), which will further facilitate connecting the device to batteries.

Examples of compatible devices: 55″ LED TV (116 W), fan (65 W), laptop (100 W), PlayStation 5 console (200 W), sewing machine (100 W), slow cooker (180 W)

Newell power inverter with modified sine wave – 12 V / 230 V, 500 W.

A twin model offering slightly more power. In this case, it is 500 watts. Equipped with 1 traditional electrical outlet (E standard) and 1 USB-A socket. This small box also allows connection both directly to the battery and to the car cigarette lighter. Comes with 3 different types of cables.

Examples of compatible devices: travel refrigerator (350 watts), lawn mower (300 watts), dehumidifier (300 watts), desktop computer (400 watts), paper shredder (300 watts), projector (270 watts)

Newell voltage inverter with modified sine wave – 24 V / 230 V, 1000 W

This inverter is currently our most powerful model. The inverter offers as much as 1000 watts of power. It was created with 24 V batteries in mind. Unlike the 300 W and 500 W models, it offers not one, but two electrical outlets. There is also a USB-A port. This solution further expands the possibilities of working with a wide variety of devices. This inverter, however, will not connect to a car cigarette lighter socket. Instead, you’ll find battery cables and terminal cables included.

Examples of compatible appliances: coffee maker (750 W), iron (800 W), 42″ plasma TV (600 W), drill (600 W), mushroom dryer (800 W), toaster (700 W).

Keep in mind that the devices listed above do not always offer as much power consumption as in our examples. Before you choose the right power inverter, check the power rating of the equipment you want to connect to it!

Newell power inverters – New models are coming!

The 3 presented power inverter models are just a prelude to our wide range of inverters, which we will gradually expand in the coming months. Here are the inverter models that will go on sale later this year:

  • Newell power inverter with pure sine wave – 12 V / 230 V, 1000 watts
  • Newell power inverter with pure sine wave – 12 V / 230 V, 2000 watts
  • Newell power inverter with pure sine wave – 12 volts / 230 volts, 300 watts
  • Newell power inverter with pure sine wave – 12 volts / 230 volts, 500 watts
  • Newell power inverter with pure sine wave – 24 volts / 230 volts, 1000 watts
  • Newell power inverter with pure sine wave – 24 volts / 230 volts, 2000 watts
  • Newell power inverter with modified sine wave – 12 V / 230 V, 1000 watts
  • Newell power inverter with modified sine wave – 12 volts / 230 volts, 2000 watts

Full sine wave in 6 variants

As you may have read in a previous paragraph, there are many devices that are not fully compatible with inverters offering modified sine wave. In order to avoid interference when working with audio systems, DVD players, CO pumps or chiller refrigerators, among others, greater precision is needed. This is provided by pure sine wave power inverters. In their case, the generated current is identical to that of a 230-volt outlet. And it is 6 such devices that we plan to introduce into our offer. These will include 4 12-volt models with different powers, as well as 2 devices designed to work with 24-volt batteries.

A screen for easy and comfortable operation

However, this is not the end of the novelties. 6 models of Newell’s new inverters are equipped with backlit control panels. At a glance, you can check the battery charge level, current voltage and frequency, output load level, as well as active safety systems (protecting against overvoltage, short-circuit, overheating or overcharging, among others). Thanks to the color backlighting, all this information will be even clearer.

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