About us

The Newell brand was established in 2009. We have been supplying our customers with high quality grips, batteries and chargers for the vast majority of cameras and popular sports cameras.

Our mission from the very beginning was that high quality would go hand in hand with an affordable price. The idea for Newell was born out of passion for photography and travel. Anyone sooner or later the problem of discharged battery appeared. For this reason, we decided to focus on supplying power to amateurs and professionals.

The name Newell is a combination of words in English that reflect our main goals. On the one hand, the innovativeness of our products on the other provides a very good quality. What pleases the most is the fact that many photographers and filmmakers are using our products successfully and recommending Newell products. It is a great distinction for us and at the same time a confirmation that we have taken a good direction in the development of our brand.