We’re pleased to announce a new product and category in our range. The Newell Power Office WiFi power strip will make almost any electronic device you plug into it more “smart”. The aesthetically pleasing white panel accommodates up to 8 different plugs. Take advantage of 4 independently controlled outlets and 4 USB ports and see how many areas of your daily life change together with the smart power strip.

With the free app for smartphones, you gain the ability to remotely control your lighting or heating, as well as charge your devices more conveniently. With Newell Power Office WiFi in seconds, you’ll solve the problem of switched-on devices that we’re often reminded of when we leave the house. Create scheduled activities, use the timer and save on your electricity bill. Find out that smart home is not only about expensive equipment, which must be thought about at the architectural design stage. Meet the extender that will give you a better comfort of living and increase the level of security in your four corners.

Main Product Features:

  • fast USB Smart Charging
  • 4 standard AC outlets
  • 4 USB ports
  • remote control of electronic devices
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi connectivity
  • Remote control for electronic devices
  • LEDs indicating socket activity
  • Red LEDs indicating socket activity
  • Surge protection
  • free mobile application (available for download in stores)
  • Collaboration of the application with voice assistants
  • possibility of scheduling work for individual outlets
  • timer function

Suggested retail price: 34,99 €/$

Read full product information here:
Newell Power Office WiFi power strip

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