Christmas is coming very soon. If you do not yet have an idea for gifts for your loved ones, we have prepared some interesting proposals from our offer. We have divided them into categories to make the choice even easier. Do you have a photographer or budding filmmaker in your family that you want to make happy? Are you looking for a gift for your daughter or partner who is into makeup? Or perhaps a gift should be given to a budding vlogger or traveler? With this guide, you’ll find universal gifts for everyone and those that will help your loved ones develop their unique passions. Become the best Santa Claus 2022 – enjoy your reading and fruitful gift search!

Newell’s gift inspirations for 2022:

  • gift idea for a vlogger
  • gift idea for a photographer
  • gift idea for a makeup artist
  • gift idea for a traveler
  • gift idea for a driver
  • gift idea for camper lover
  • gift idea for camper owner
  • gift idea for office
  • gift idea for a pupil or student

A perfect Christmas gift for YouTuber

Does someone close to you share their passion with others by making YouTube videos? Or maybe the kids in the family dream of starting a career as an influencer or streamer? Good frame lighting is a must! Even the smallest lamps from our offer will allow you to improve the quality of your videos and better master the technique of working with light.

Newell RGB-W Rangha Nano

If you are looking for an inexpensive gift for someone who shoots videos or takes photos, a great choice will be the Rangha Nano. The device will fit in any photographer’s bag or vlogger’s backpack. The recipient of the gift will successfully use it in macro photography, product photography, or street photography. The model offers convenient adjustment of power and color temperature, as well as 12 RGB colors and special effects.

Newell RGB-W Rangha

Another option is the slightly larger Rangha. Compared to the Nano variant, it offers more power, a full RGB range, and 21 thematic programs. Its dimensions are similar to those of a smartphone, so it even fits in a pants pocket. It has a built-in 4,000 mAh battery, so you can charge it with a power bank. The housing made of aircraft-grade aluminum will ensure adequate durability, and 1/4″ threads will allow you to install the device on a tripod.

Gifts for vloggers and filmmakers

If you have a slightly larger budget or want the gifted creator to enjoy even more light on his vlogs, you should consider buying the top model of the Rangha family lamp.

Newell RGB-W Rangha Max

The Newell RGB-W Rangha Max LED lamp is an upgraded version of the Rangha compact panel appreciated by photographers and filmmakers. The lightweight and still relatively small device offers a maximum luminous flux of 1650 lumens, adjustable color temperature between 3200 K – 5600 K, and an HSI color palette, with adjustable saturation. A small backlit screen will further facilitate lamp operation.

A versatile Christmas gift for a photographer or video maker

Another suggestion is two unusual lamps that will help the gifted person unlock new layers of creativity. And don’t let the name fool you. These lightsabers have nothing to do with Star Wars!

Newell RGB Kathi

Newell RGB Kathi is an LED lamp that will provide great creative freedom, both when working “handheld”, as well as when the device is installed on a tripod with a 1/4″ thread. The lightsaber can also successfully become part of the scenery. It is an ideal choice for those who want to play with colors, take atmospheric photos and videos, experiment with special effects, or create spectacular “light painting”.

Newell RGB Kathi Pro

The Newell RGB Kathi lightsaber also lived to see a variant with a “Pro” add-on. The lamp is 9 centimeters longer than its big sister and offers even more versatility when working creatively with light. The elongated shape, lightweight and sturdy aluminum housing, comfortable handle, and mobile app support are all features that will help you create unique atmospheres with a feast of colors available within the HSI color space.

These gifts will come in handy for everyone!

Each of the lamps we have just presented will work well not only for YouTubers and video creators but also for photographers. Beginners will help creators to understand the principles of working with light, and the more experienced ones will enable them to experiment with colors and effective variations of frames. If you are not sure whether the gifted person has a small lamp in his or her essentials, you can bet on a gift that will always come in handy: spare batteries and chargers.

Newell set: charger + batteries 

For this gift, you need to take care of one thing – to discreetly find out what kind of camera the recipient uses. Once you know the model of the device, you can easily choose the right set of compatible products. The kits we have prepared include dual-channel chargers that allow you to simultaneously replenish two batteries. A USB port will allow you to do this with a laptop, power bank or smartphone charger. Depending on your gift budget, you can choose a set with one or two batteries. Everything the gift-giving photographer or filmmaker needs to ensure long hours with the camera is in one box!

Gift idea for Beauty Queen

If your loved one is interested in makeup, makeup or the beauty industry, a great gift idea would be a round lamp with a large surface area. It will allow you to get an even distribution of light, which is essential for perfect makeup. The recipient of the gift will also successfully use it when taking portrait photos or recording beauty videos. When it comes to this type of lamp, we have two suggestions for you.

Newell Air Artha

The smaller model in the Air Artha family offers a diameter of 40 cm. The lamp has a built-in diffuser that allows you to get a pleasant, soft light, so much desired in makeup and beauty photography. Power and color temperature here can be adjusted infinitely with dials, and parameter control is facilitated by a built-in display and remote control.

Newell Air Artha XL

The Newell Air Artha XL will provide the highest level of quality control for your makeup. The angle of the lamp, which has an impressive diameter of 54 cm, can be adjusted here using a movable dial. If the recipient of the gift performs makeup for clients (or, in the case of less experienced makeup artists, for colleagues), she will certainly be pleased to know that the set does not lack a special case in which the equipment will be safe during transport.

Gift for a beauty vlogger

With a slightly smaller budget for a gift for a young student of the makeup world, consider buying a ring light. The device will allow you to illuminate your face accurately, allowing you to apply cosmetics precisely and evenly. Such a lamp will also be great for recording videos published on such social media platforms as TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube.

Newell RL-10A Arctic White LED ring light + tripod

The Newell RL-10A is all you need to evenly illuminate your face while applying makeup. It comes with a handy tripod that will provide adequate stability. Video makers and those involved in photography are sure to appreciate the smartphone or camera holder. It’s also a great convenience for makeup artists and makeup artists, who can preview how a painted person looks on screen. The lamp can be connected to a power source via a smartphone charger, power bank, or USB output on a laptop.

A practical gift for the driver

Don’t know what to buy a driver? Opt for a gift that will come in handy in almost any car; especially those that are already years old and don’t always fire up the first time. Winter is probably the best time to gift someone close to you with a Newell CarMate starter device!

Newell CarMate starter device – 12000 mAh

Carrying starter cables in the car and asking other drivers to help start a discharged battery is a thing of the past. With this device, the recipient will be able to handle an emergency situation by himself. The small module often referred to as a “jump starter“, will resurrect the battery in a few moments in a simple and safe way. The device is compatible with hundreds of different cars, motorcycles, campers, vans, and even some trucks. The 2 USB ports will allow you to use it like a regular power bank. The icing on the cake is… a built-in flashlight!

Dream gifts for travelers

Now something for fans of camping, camping, and caravanning. If you don’t know what to buy for a person who regularly relaxes in a tent or travels the world in a camper, we have prepared two suggestions that are sure to enhance your travel experience.

Power Station Newell Asvala 220 V 41600 mAh PD 45 W

The perfect gift for someone who needs access to a traditional AC outlet (220 – 240 volts) when spending time on the road or in nature is the Newell Asvala portable power station power bank. It is compatible with many types of plugs, so it will successfully work in different parts of the world. Of course, there are USB-A and USB-C ports on the casing of the device, which will allow you to charge smartphones, tablets, or e-book readers. The versatility of applications combined with the impressive capacity (as much as 41600 mAh!) will allow you to forget about traditional power sources for a long time.

Power station Newell Pearl AC 283 Wh PD 60 W

When looking for a gift for the most demanding travelers, consider buying a charging station. This is more than just a simple power bank. The device is equipped with USB-C, USB-A ports, and a traditional AC power outlet. You can successfully connect a laptop, a hair dryer, or a travel refrigerator, among other things. Car, camper, campsite, music festival, or mountain trail – the charging station will work well in any of these places.

What to buy for a student or student for Christmas?

When looking for a gift for someone who works at a desk, reads a lot, or studies late, it’s worth betting on a practical gift that will help better organize the workstation, as well as take care of… eyes.

Newell Sundesk LED office lamp set

Which light source to choose for reading: the best LED lamps

The Newell Sundesk series of LED office lights provide ideal lighting conditions for work, study, and rest. 2 devices bought in a set save money and can be gifted to two different people. The Sundesk NH002 lamp is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, which allows you to take it anywhere and recharge it with a power bank when needed. This will be ideal for those who want to read a book while camping in a tent! The second model of the light you’ll find in the set, the Sundesk NH003 is equipped with the popular USB type A socket, which will allow you to quickly and conveniently charge your headphones, smartphone, or camera.

The perfect gift for the person working from home

And since we are already on the topic of working at a desk… Another great gift idea for a pupil, student, or someone who spends a lot of time at the computer will be an inductive charger. In our offer you will find as many as 3 different models:

  • Newell inductive charger induOne N-YM-UD21 for 3 devices
  • Newell induOne inductive charger N-GY-Z5A for 3 devices
  • Newell induOne inductive charger N-YM-UD17 for 4 devices

The induction charger is the perfect way to have an organized and aesthetically pleasing workspace. It allows you to bring order to your desk and forget about the regular search for chargers that constantly change their location. Such a device also allows you to replenish energy in several electronic gadgets at the same time.

A gift for someone who always carries a smartphone with them

Finally, we left the most universal gifts, which will be useful to almost everyone these days. Power banks, chargers, and finger batteries – the devices we use every day could not work without them. The following gifts are sure to find dozens of uses!

Power Bank Newell GP12 24000 mAh PD 60 W 

The Newell GP12 power bank is a gift that will allow you to charge smartphones, headphones, cameras, and even laptops. The device supports charging with a traditional USB Type-A cable and the increasingly popular USB-C. With the included adapters, you can conveniently charge almost any laptop! GP12 also allows wireless inductive charging. The multitude of applications will make it the best companion for long-distance travel, city trips, nature trips, and daily chores.

Newell AA or AAA battery set

Another gift idea will help the recipients save money and also be more eco-friendly. A set of Newell AA or AAA rechargeable batteries will allow you to forget about traditional batteries for months (or even years!). Remote controls, toys, blood pressure monitors, kitchen scales, clocks, and hundreds of other devices require just such a power supply. It will be hard to find someone who doesn’t happen to have rechargeable batteries, so this will be a truly universal gift!

Newell Smart C4 Supra charger

If you decide to give someone a set of rechargeable batteries, it is worth including a suitable charger with the gift. The Newell Smart C4 Supra model will be compatible with many other cylindrical cells (not only AA and AAA), so the gifted person can find even more uses for it. The device allows charging in 4 channels simultaneously. Automatic recognition of the type of battery and protection against incorrect insertion of the cell makes it an ideal gift even for those who are not best acquainted with the world of new technologies.

We hope that such a wide cross-section of gift ideas will help you choose gifts that will bring sincere smiles of joy to the faces of the recipients. For any questions or additional recommendations, as always, we invite you to contact us via our Facebook or Instagram. We take this opportunity to wish you only unforgettable moments with your loved ones, sweet munching within reason, and a well-deserved rest! We’ll see you after the holidays!

Photo credits: Eugene Zhyvchik

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