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As a child, we constantly heard that we should not read in the dark because we would spoil our eyesight. As older people, many of us realized that good lighting is, above all, greater pleasure and comfort in spending time in the company of books and magazines. Today we would like to discuss how to choose light sources that illuminate the text you are reading. There are several parameters that should be properly adjusted when choosing the right lamp. For the sake of your own eyes and those of your loved ones, it is worth reading the following tips.

The ideal conditions for reading are a deckchair, a cup of tea and sunlight, which does not dazzle the eyes, but perfectly illuminates the text. Unfortunately, in a fast-paced world, we can only take advantage of such circumstances on vacation or during the weekend. What’s worse, most of us like to reach for books just before going to sleep, when only the moon or city lanterns are shining outside. So let’s look at the parameters of artificial light provided by the lamps we use at home.

Optimal light output when reading

The first variable may be surprising to many people. It turns out that the power of light cannot be too strong. Human eyesight can be impaired not only by reading in too little light. Also, too much light will be disadvantageous! The experts estimate that in the case of a traditional light bulb, the optimal power is 40W. In the case of LED technology, we most often use the scale expressed in lumens. An LED bulb that shines in the same way as a traditional one with a power of 40W offers a power of 400-450 lumens. Interestingly, its power expressed in watts is only 5.

Which light source to choose for reading: the best LED lamps

The perfect type of reading lamp

The design of the lamp is also an important issue. In our apartments, we can find wall lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, overhead lighting, office lamps, ceiling LED panels and probably some other types. Everything will depend on how we arrange them relative to our reading position. The light should be scattered evenly and come from above. A point light directed exactly where our book is located will also be a relief for the eyes. Therefore, all types of lamps that allow you to adjust the inclination or change the brightness of the light depending on other light sources in the room will be a good choice.

LED light VS. traditional bulb

Most modern lamps today use LED technology, which will be a much better choice than conventional incandescent bulbs or worse, fluorescent lamps. Modern solutions win in almost every field. Saving money will primarily go to many people. This applies not only to the price-life ratio, but also to the huge differences in power consumption. Comparing an ordinary light bulb to an LED light bulb, we can notice even a tenfold difference in this field! Conventional light bulbs also liked to heat up, which did not improve reading comfort in all situations. It is known that it is pleasant to sink into your favorite armchair under a soft blanket, but the warmth of the bulb at face level is not always pleasant …

The colors of the light

A very important parameter that should be taken into account when looking for the perfect light source for reading is the color temperature. The human brain behaves very differently when light is warm or cold. Importantly, this will be important in terms of proper concentration when reading books. Scientists agree that warm light helps you relax. So while spending a pleasant evening with a book, the light temperature should not exceed 3500K. It will be different, however, when we want to remember the content better, i.e. while learning. Then neutral and cold colors work better. However, do not exceed 6500 K in order not to strain your eyes.

best light for reading

Adjusting the light while reading

When looking for a suitable lamp, it is worth paying attention to additional functions that allow better adjustment of the light to specific needs, including reading. It is worth if the device is equipped with a dimmer that allows for smooth adjustment. The knob or buttons should also allow you to set the optimal color temperature. Equally important is the ergonomic design that allows you to adjust the height and inclination to your needs. The more joints and adjustable arms, the easier it will be to position the lamp in such a way as to illuminate the text well while reading.

Which reading lamp should I choose?

Newell‘s offer includes not only studio LEDs that you can successfully use when recording vlogs, conducting streams, taking photos or recording videos. We have also prepared a series of beautiful-looking lamps that will not only provide the appropriate comfort of work or reading, but will also decorate your living room, office or bedroom. The Sundesk series provides ideal lighting conditions for work, study and rest. With one button, we can adjust the color temperature of the light and the degree of dimming in the lamps. Importantly, the devices, after switching off, will remember the last selected lighting parameters. After restarting, the LED panel will greet us with the same brightness and color temperature of light.

The LED Newell Sundesk NH001 has a built-in wireless charger for smartphones in the lamp socket, which will avoid tangled cables on the desk. On the other hand, Sundesk NH002 offers a built-in rechargeable battery that allows you to take the lamp anywhere and, if necessary, recharge the device using a power bank. It will be an ideal option for people who want to read a book while camping in a tent. For people who like to have their favorite electronic gadgets with them while reading, the Newell Sundesk NH003 will be the perfect solution. In the lamp stand you will find a popular USB type A socket, which will allow you to quickly and conveniently charge your headphones, smartphone or … an e-book reader with your favorite books.

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