Inductive chargers are gaining popularity in our homes and offices. No wonder. Not only do they help keep things tidy, but they also allow us to forget about tangled cables. They make workstations more ergonomic while charging itself remains efficient. The launch of the new series of inductive chargers Newell induOne is a good time to answer the most frequently asked questions, dispel some myths and help you choose the right model of the device.

Charging smartphones, headphones, and smartwatches on a daily basis requires having the right cables. Devices are equipped with different ports (micro USB, USB-C, or Lightning), which does not make this task any easier. What’s more, if you often connect one cable in different places or take it to work, for example, you know very well that getting lost is its secret superpower. The inductive charger is the undisputed gamechanger when it comes to reigning in the chaos just described. If you want to take care of the ergonomics of your workplace, (and your mental health, by the way) stay with us and learn about the advantages of wireless charging. From this article you will learn:

  • How does inductive charging work?
  • Can inductive charging damage the battery?
  • What is the QI standard?
  • Can a smartphone in a case be charged in an inductive charger?
  • Which inductive charger should I choose?

How does the wireless charger work?

Let’s start with a brief theoretical introduction. Inductive charging is made possible by electromagnetic coils (that is, specially coiled wires) – transmitting and receiving. They are located both in the charger and in the device you want to charge. Such coils generate an electromagnetic field, and an electromagnetic charge is created in close proximity between them. One coil receives energy from the other, and this energy goes to the battery in the form of an alternating current. In doing so, the distance between the transmitting and receiving coils must be as small as possible. It is worth adding here that the current can change with the change in position of the device being charged on the inductive charger. That is why their ergonomics are very important. When you place your device on the charger, you should know exactly where the coils are located. That’s why we have taken care not only of the proper shape of our chargers but also of the proper markings. However, about this in the second part of the article. Now it’s time to dispel a popular myth.

Does inductive charging damage the battery?

Searching for outlets, tangled cables, moving chargers from place to place – all these are very often associated with traditional methods of charging smartphones, smartwatches, or headphones. Being able to use a designer stand that is always waiting in its place seems like the perfect way to tame the chaos. However, as is often the case with innovative solutions, there are many myths surrounding them. The one we would like to dispel once and for all concerns the alleged spoiling of batteries.

The proven QI standard

In 2008, the Wireless Power Consortium, an organization of consumer electronics giants, developed the QI standard. It’s thanks to it that smartphones of various brands can be compatible with many chargers supporting the technology. It’s been almost a decade and a half since the QI standard was introduced, and the popularity of inductive charging continues to grow. This is perhaps the best proof that this method of replenishing energy in devices is completely safe for batteries. The only danger may be suspiciously cheap devices from unknown brands. Poor-quality materials from which such chargers are made significantly increase the risk of overheating. This, combined with the lack of proven safety features and necessary approvals, can lead to many problems, including damage to the smartphone. When choosing the right inductive charger, it is, therefore, worthwhile to be guided not only by the price but also by the experience of the manufacturer.

With Newell chargers, you get a 40-month warranty. This is the best proof that we are confident in the quality of our products. If anything bothers you, let us know, and the claims department will help you solve the problem with express speed.

Can a smartphone in a case be charged in an inductive charger?

Out of concern for our devices, we often protect them with various types of cases on the day of purchase. And here the question arises – won’t they impede inductive charging? In most cases, you do not have to worry about this. The case, made of plastic, plastic, silicone, or rubber, is thin enough that the energy transfer cannot be blocked. So you don’t have to remove your headphones or smartphone from the case every time the device lands on the charging station. The exception would be cases with metal components. These can adversely affect the magnetic field, preventing or slowing down charging. Fortunately, modern inductive chargers are equipped with LEDs that indicate the correct start of the energy replenishment process. One glance is all it takes to make sure everything is in order.

Which wireless inductive charger should I choose?

Inductive chargers come in handy not only for replenishing smartphones but also for wireless headphones or smartwatches. More and more ergonomic stations are appearing on the market, allowing you to charge several different devices at once. Our offer includes 3 different models of inductive chargers, which differ not only in design but also in the functions offered. Regardless of your needs and the number of devices you own, you are sure to find something for you.

Newell induOne N-GY-Z5A for 3 mobile devices

Newell induOne N-GY-Z5A Inductive Charger is an ideal solution for people who want to charge 3 mobile devices at the same time. With its help, you will replenish the power in your smartphone, wireless headphones, and Apple Watch. The devices will always be at hand, 100 percent charged! The station takes up a space not much bigger than a pen organizer. Thanks to its ergonomic design, you gain convenient access to any charged device. A subtle LED strip surrounding the charger provides a stylish and modern look while informing you of the working status with colors. The backlighting will work great on your nightstand. If needed, you can turn it off with the touch button. Importantly, you will charge the QI-supported wireless headphones at the same time as your phone. In addition, the contoured magnetic holder will allow you to conveniently charge your Apple Watch in such a position that the current time is always in your sight.

Newell induOne N-YM-UD21 for 3 mobile devices

Newell induOne N-YM-UD21 Inductive Charger is an ideal choice for people who do not have much space on their desk but want to bring order to it. It will take up no more space than a large cup of coffee! You can conveniently glance at notifications while charging your smartphone, and your Apple Watch and AirPods will always be ready for action! A small LED light will not only help you find your device in the dark but also let you know when it’s ready to go. Want to tame the chaos on your desk? Or are you tired of searching every day for chargers for various devices that constantly change their location? Newell induOne N-YM-UD21 for 3 mobile devices will help you crack down on these problems!

Newell induOne N-YM-UD17 for 4 mobile devices

For the most demanding we have something special. Newell induOne N-YM-UD17 inductive charger will allow you to charge up to 4 different devices simultaneously! The ergonomic charging station made of pleasant-to-the-touch plastic will make sure that 2 smartphones, AirPods, and an Apple Watch are always ready to go! It doesn’t matter whether you use iPhones or Android smartphones. This charger model is not only induction but also traditional charging ports! Newell induOne N-YM-UD17 charger for up to 4 mobile devices is equipped with a special knob that will allow you to switch between the USB-C or Lightning standard in a second, ensuring great compatibility. Daily charging of various devices will become even more convenient!

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