Color temperature and CRI’s role in videos and photos

One of the key elements that affect the quality and atmosphere of videos and photos is lighting. In the last decade, LED lights have become particularly popular. They are affordable, energy-efficient, offer great light quality, and most importantly, this product segment is no longer reserved only for professionals. When starting your adventure with LED lighting, whether for vlogging or photo shoots, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic terms and principles of studio lamps. And that’s why today we’re taking on the color temperature of light (CCT) – a variable parameter that will help you effectively create the atmosphere of your frames.

USB hubs and high-quality cables from Newell: our family just got bigger

We’re sure you’ve noticed that Newell is no longer just a one-stop power solution for the photo-video industry. We are changing, growing, and evolving to provide you with technologies that make your daily work easier and allow you to develop your passions. Recently, we have introduced a broad cross-section of devices used not only in film and photography. Power stations, voltage converters, power banks, LED lights, and new batteries for everyday devices (including vacuum cleaners and Bluetooth speakers) have found their way into your hands. The Newell product family has just expanded with another group of products – top-quality cables and USB hubs. See what we have prepared for you. 

Give new life to your devices: Newell battery replacements for speakers and vacuum cleaners

What do you associate spring with? For us, it’s mainly spring cleaning and more time spent in nature with friends (and good music!). This choice of associations is, of course, not accidental. This is because today’s article will be devoted to battery replacements for vacuum cleaners and wireless speakers.

Portable energy unleashed: Discover Newell power stations for your on-the-go needs

Without electricity, our daily lives would not be the same. While we have almost unlimited access to it at home, at the workplace, or in the recording studio, the situation becomes more complicated when we go on a trip or spend time outdoors. That’s why Power Station devices are gaining popularity, allowing us to become independent of electrical outlets, in places such as the car, camper, garage, recreational plot or boat. In this article, we’ll take a look at all the Newell brand power stations. You will learn how they differ from each other and how they can make life easier for travelers, professionals and users of a wide variety of electronic devices.

Power inverter – what is it and how to choose the right model?

A power inverter is a device that can help you in many everyday situations. If you often travel by car, it is the one that will allow you to use a traditional electrical outlet (offering 230V alternating current), even though the vehicle is equipped with a 12V or 24V electrical system. Although it may sound complicated to a layman, in reality a power inverter is very easy to use. From this article you will learn exactly what this device is and how to use it. You will also learn the differences between modified sine wave and pure sine wave inverters, as well as what to look for in order to choose the right Newell device to suit your needs.

USB-C rechargeable batteries – A new way to power your devices

Although more and more of the devices we use daily have built-in rechargeable batteries, AA, AAA, 9V batteries, or 18650 cells are still very popular. We still use them in remote controls, portable radios, game controllers, blood pressure monitors, and toys, among others. Rechargeable batteries are a great alternative to disposable batteries, which can be charged repeatedly. This not only saves money but is also an environmentally friendly choice. However, these cells require the use of special chargers. What if we told you that they don’t necessarily? Explore our revolutionary rechargeable batteries with built-in USB-C ports and learn what you can gain from them!

Know Before You Go: Batteries, power banks and electronic devices on a plane

People who frequently travel by plane know that the luggage on board must meet specific requirements. In a car or train, you do not have to worry at all about the capacity of the power bank you have, the size of your suitcase, or the number of liquids in your hand luggage. At the airport, the situation gets a bit more complicated. Where to pack the batteries? What are devices not allowed in checked baggage? How do the rules for carrying electronics differ from one airline to another? This article will help you better prepare for your trip.

How to charge a camera battery without a charger?

Charging camera batteries have always been associated with the need to reach for an external charger. Photo-video manufacturers have accustomed us to having such a device included with newly purchased equipment. However, there are other ways to replenish batteries. We have an alternative solution if you forget to take a charger to a shooting set or don’t have room for it in your backpack!

Newell Christmas gifts ideas of 2022

Christmas is coming very soon. If you do not yet have an idea for gifts for your loved ones, we have prepared some interesting proposals from our offer. We have divided them into categories to make the choice even easier. Do you have a photographer or budding filmmaker in your family that you want to make happy? Are you looking for a gift for your daughter or partner who is into makeup? Or perhaps a gift should be given to a budding vlogger or traveler? With this guide, you’ll find universal gifts for everyone and those that will help your loved ones develop their unique passions. Become the best Santa Claus 2022 – enjoy your reading and fruitful gift search!

How to properly light a vlog and which lamps to choose?

Creating YouTube videos today does not require special investments in equipment. The main thing is good ideas and interesting content. When it comes to technical issues, an ordinary smartphone is enough to start with. However, with time it comes time to improve the quality of the footage you create. But before you start looking around for a better camera or camcorder, it’s worth thinking about the right lighting. A good choice of lights and the ability to set them up correctly is essential when it comes to the visual side of vlogs. If you don’t know what equipment to choose, to bring out depth from your frames, to properly light your face or create a colorful background glow, this guide is for you!

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